Business Branding

When people see your logo, hear the name of your company, what are the things that come to their mind. We help businesses build brand that customers would love for a long time

Application Development

Contact us today to assist you build the application that would make doing business very easy. We use the latest secured technology to build your business solution

Custom Iot Solution

We help individuals and businesses build custom Iot (Internet of things) appliances ranging from security solutions, home & business automation, and other robotic system

Do not waste time any further

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(Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ

MyApps is a department of Risam Dataland Limited that is dedicated in building customized application, hardware solution and business branding

The major thing we do are as follows:

Custom Application Development
We assist individuals or businesses build custom web, mobile or desktop application
Web Server Management
We assist businesses manage their web servers by installing and configuring web applications (eg Cpanel, Plesk, CentOS Web Panel, etc) and the plugins associated with these panels such as softaculous, etc.
Iot (Internet Of Things)
We also assist individuals or business build custom hardware solution using microcontrollers. The custom hardware solution could be electronic security lock, spyware or tracker using GPS, agricultural tools, home and business automation, robotic systems, etc
Business Branding
We assist businesses in building their brand by designing letterhead, business cards, flyers, customised T-shirt, cups, car, etc. We also assist them in digital marketing

This depends on your project. There is no fixed charge. For instance, someone that just want to build his website using our website builder will pay less than when compared to a user that prefers a custom web application. Every business also have a unique requirement on what it needs to grow. We will first of all study your business before we try to proffer solution for its growth. We have the expertise that can assist you to get your business into the lime light

myapps.risamdataland.com.ng is opened to all businesses around the world. No matter your geographical location, we can help your business grow. You have access to our online dashboard where you can monitor progress on your project. If your project is a hardware, we will ship it to you wherever you are in rge world using our logistic solution

Yes, however it depends on the type of product. Any product that is covered by money back guarantee is labelled with such during checkout

Yes some projects attracts a non-refundable consultation fee. However for most projects consultation / registeration is free

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